Ukelele Eric

I am a ukelele performer and singer, in my late 50s.  (Ukelele is an alternative British spelling for ukulele)

Please browse around the website for details on what I do, and how to book me.

For a short promo video, click here:

Links to social media, etc. are in the top-right corner.  Check out a few YouTube videoes (like this: ) or send me a message.  Or click on the picture to the right for a short clip of me performing at a festival.

There will also be a few recordings you can purchase on my bandcamp page:

If you want to see a list of the songs I could do, see further down this page.

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Songs sung for fun

What do I play?

Four-stringed instruments, mainly.

I started with the ukelele.  That's a 'concert' size one to the left, but I have ones of varying sizes, including a tiny one (called a sopranino or pocket uke) and an 8-string tenor uke.  I also have a small vintage wooden banjolele.  And the largest is a four-string Tenor Banjo.  On this website and my youtube channel, you can find examples of me playing various ones.

Ukes are often disparaged as toys.  They aren't.  Neither are they small guitars - ukes share a common ancestor (the lute), and look similar, but some of the techniques and possibilities are different, and the tone is different.  Like most instruments, they have their strengths and weaknesses, limitations and specific qualities.  But they are very flexible, mainly dependant on how they are played.  Neither are they particularly 'happy' instruments - they can play a wide range of songs to suit any mood or occasion - music should elicit an emotional response, but sometimes that might be tears.  But, most of the songs I do are designed to cheer up or encourage.

Ukes are fairly easy to start with - a beginner can do a few functional strums to a tune in a few days, and I would encourage anyone to have a go.  To find out what you can buy, look here:

Of course, it takes quite a few years of playing to get to the level I am, and I am still learning (anything worth doing needs to be worked at.)

What songs?

A fairly long (but not complete) list of songs

As well as looking at the sorts of things I do on my YouTube channel, you can have a look at the sort of things I can do by clicking the link here.  That is a large list which should give you plenty to choose from, but I am flexible, and, with notice, might be able to fit something else in, plus that list is already out of date by the time you read it, as I add new songs to my repertoire all the time, and I am open to going off-piste.  It also doesn't include all the special seasonal songs, and other things.

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